Washington Brewer’s Fest, Friday “chance of rain?”

(Kenmore, WA) I arrived early to get some prime positioning prior to the start at 5 PM of the Friday “21 and over only” night of the Washington Brewer’s Commission Brewer’s Festival. Last night had some great ‘one-offs’ as well as a few surprises revealed.

WABL your Georgetown treat has arrived in the form of the Lisa which was named after Lisa Ulrich the manager at the brewery. The beer itself borrows some influences from its more mature brother the 9lb. Hammer. Try it out if you are are a WABL member or sign up and enjoy the opportunity to sample this rare treat brewed by Manny himself.

Approximately 15 minutes into the evening the rain started in and like an infant that had slept too long, this precipitation had too much behind it. The rain came and never left until like some sort of sick joke it left with only 30 minutes or so to spare in the evening.

sourece, Diamond Knot Brewings Twitter account

The beers featured last night besides the Lisa were not to be missed. And in case you were there, don’t worry regarding the missing breweries, this was meant to be a night for Washington to showcase their creative muscle for those willing to stick it out in the rain and cold.

Special thanks to Handful of Luvin for sticking it out for their fans as evident by those dancing on the grass in the rain. As for me look to me at the Rogue Ales booth in the morning pouring beers and educating craft beer one imbiber at a time.


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