(Seattle, WA) In case you guys missed watching KING 5 news on Wednesday night you missed out on getting a sneak peek of the Fremont Brewing Co.’s new digs. I won’t do a post on the topic since it was already covered by at least two reliable sources, Seattle Beer News and Washington Beer Blog.

     Please visit Washington Beer Blog for their story which includes video from KING 5’s website.

“The focus of the piece is Fremont’s commitment to sustainability. The story is by Eric Wilkinson, King’s resident beer geek.” –source, Washington Beer Blog

     Also I invite you to check out Seattle Beer News’ story to same affect regarding Fremont Brewing’s green initiative.

“It’s really pretty cool…their goal is to power their brewery completely through the brewing process. Check it out.” –source, Seattle Beer News


Washington Beer Blog’s piece on Fremont Brewing's coverage on KING 5

Seattle Beer News’ article on Fremont Brewing and the KING 5 television story

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