(Everett, WA) A short while back I made the drive up to this little known alehouse down the street from where the Silivertips play their games in downtown Everett. Much like Lynwood the town is still very much a mom and pop, working man's town. Between employees at Boeing and the nearby Naval Base, its a safe bet there are plenty of watering holes to cool down those in need after a hard day of work. source, Balefire Bar's website

     Balefire when I first visited was a bit of an enigma in that you walk in and immediately are greeted by warm lighting an excellent eye for interior design and over twelve handles to choose from of excellent craft beer. The bar isn’t afraid to say they support the locals from Mukilteo to Everett either, demonstrated with alarming success in their ability to empty a keg of Mukilteo Brown Ale or other tasty offerings.

     Jon Tobey who runs the place, is a former writer for local paper Northwest Brewing News and runs a tight ship between the beers alongside their unique ‘on draft’ wine delivery system. The food menu is equally interesting in between the hot dog, the sandwiches and daily specials.

     To top things off they have recently announced on their site the formation of a house beer to better amplify what makes Balefire so unique.

"Years ago, it seems now, when Justin Blasko took me into this old cow shed behind his house and told me he was going to start a brewery, I looked at the decades of dried dung and spiderwebs and quipped, "Better do Belgians." To be fair, I always support my friends on their dreams - Balefire wouldn't exist if my friends didn't support mine. But, it did seem like he was biting off a big project, all while going for a Phd. He was just a homebrewer with a dream, but the dream never died. He and his brother-in-law, Jim Pettyjohn, bought Boxing Cat, and they had a very simple business plan of supplying their friends with kegs.”

“… we'll soon have a house beer, the Quaffable Kopper on tap, hopefully in time for our anniversary party coming up on 7/1. This means we can have one beer on special all the time and include growler and keg sales." –source, Jon Tobey at the Balefire Bar’s blog.

source, Balefire Bar's website

     I would advise a visit if you haven't been up that way either the next time you are heading up for business or en route to a Canuck or Silvertips game. At a minimum on the first of July, you should have no excuse not to make their anniversary party if only to say that you finally stopped in and shared in making the Balefire Bar a success.


The Balefire Bar
1801 Hewitt Avenue Everett, WA 98201 (425) 374-7248

July 1st, 2009
Balefire Bar’s 1st year Anniversary

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