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(Bellingham, WA) This (article) was posted from their site in regards to a recent published story regarding the little brewery up north. In the article the writer's words were expressed albeit in jest regarding the brewery's Kolsch that is featured on draft weekly .

     Scribe Annie Pfriem expresses this ... "The article is meant to be playful and fun...the article declares we are brewing Kolsch "Illegally", as traditionally the style of Kolsch beer is only brewed in Cologone, Germany, and of course only by Germans!" -source, Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen's blog

source, Chuckanut's Blog

     The article goes on to point out that only in the city of Cologne, Germany can this style of lager be called a Kolsch. I can say from personal experience both at the brewery and elsewhere on draft, that if this beer is "illegal" then I want to continue breaking the law with each sip.

     All seriousness included there are many corners of the craft beer industry that have argued that to call a beer without the designation ‘style’(ex. Belgian-style) might be misleading but no more than a bottle of American produced 'sparkling wine' considered to be Champagne. Congratulations to Will, Josh, Jim (Parker) and the rest of the staff at Chuckanut for being internationally 'vilified' for your violation of puritanical lager ethics.


Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen's blog article
German Newspaper’s article

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Kolsch “style” as reference by the Beer Judge Certification Program

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