(WA) Boundary Bay, changing gears has its rewards

(Bellingham, WA)     When the words Boundary Bay Brewery escape your mouth or enter your mind what do you think of? No doubt you have seen the oft played Banner Bank commercial featuring a well known brewpub and a happy Ed Bennett, inviting you in for a pint. Boundary Bay has been serving a pint of cheer to each and everyone since 1995 and during that time they have been recognized not just for their hop awareness* but also for the sheer amount of beer that is poured at their bistro from the nearby brewery. 

source, Boundary Bay's website

     Over the years Boundary Bay has also been recognized through tasting awards** as well as their contributions to the greater good of the community. Another instance of that commitment to demonstrating support for their fellow man came in the form of their participation in the EveryBIKE initiative. As part of this “contest” the men and women of the bistro and the brewery took to the streets either on foot or by two wheels and in the end they placed 4th in Whatcom county.

“… we formed three teams…one comprised of Ed (the owner) and the brewers, one of Janet (the general manager) and some of our lovely wait staff, and the last made up of those in the underbelly of Boundary: the graphic designers (one of whom was me!), our dessert chef, and our kitchen operations manager.  Overall, we made 230 total smart trips (meaning we walked or rode bikes instead of driving!) totaling 1,639 miles.  Which also means that in the month of May our employees alone prevented 1,332.45 of carbon dioxide!” source, Boundary Bay Brewery’s blog

     Congratulations Boundary Bay and keep up the hard work in promoting the art of getting there in a clean and green way.

*Alpha King award winner (2006 and runner-up in 2008)
**recent medal winner at the North American Brewers Association awards 2009 (Bronze, Imperial Oatmeal Stout) and Ed Bennett for achievement


Boundary Bay’s post that inspired this article

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