(Seattle, WA) No doubt if you are a subscriber to Big Time's 'tweets' you have seen the photos of their pending changes to the way the bar looks like. To those that aren't subscribers I have attached a couple of pictures for all you parents out there who have been trying to avoid justification for leaving ‘the kid’ outside.

source, Big Time's Twitter Account. source, Big Time Brewer's Twitter Account

     I just called over at the Brewery & Alehouse and got word from head brewer Bill Jenkins that pending post-inspection approval from the Liquor Board of Washington state they will be able to allow those under 21 to finally enter the premises. Current hope (and I am crossing my fingers) is around mid to late July they will be making the official consideration of open access to those with children to come down and enjoy a pint alongside their little one's soda.

     More details will come as they are sent out from the Alehouse but for now its not a done deal until they receive a thumbs up from the state.


Big Time Brewery & Alehouse 4133 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105-6213 (206) 545-4509

Big Time’s Twitter Account

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