Poll, Next Week’s Tasting … suggestions?

     I am staring at my small kitten (Dante) and after a few posts regarding the other state winners in the North American Brewer’s Association awards, I have had a hard time choosing a bottle beer that is made in Oregon or Idaho to do my next tasting with.

     In regards to Idaho I could go with Laughing Dog or maybe something from Miller (yeah for some reason they won a few awards for their “Idaho” brewery). Although I am sure I could wait another week and have some Gran Teton (formerly of Wyoming) at Beveridge Place. Hmmmm I wonder.

     From Oregon, I have a plethora of options from Bend (Deschutes), Ashland (Caldera), Newport (Rogue), Portland (Widmer, Bridgeport, Portland, Cascade), Eugene (Ninkasi, Mad River), and Hood River (Full Sail).

     Got any suggestions I am all ears since at this point I might just grab me a Red Chair and play lemming since there are already a few reviews out there.


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