(Pacific Northwest)     Bracketology when brought to mind often conjures visions of cubicles with posters scribbled with what appear to be a mosaic of ‘projected winners’ with scores filled in. Others prefer a more mobile approach either through photocopying the newspaper supplied bracket or going online and using a more interactive means. The sight of collegiate athletes passing a leather orange orb around might have faded but the enthusiasm for next year continues throughout the year till next March. source, Nerd Approved.com

     In the realm of craft beer, bracketology is the annual IPA Invitational in which beers from the West Coast compete against the likes of Harpoon, Magic Hat, Dogfish Head and many others. Anyone who has an internet connection and a love of craft beer has visited and hopefully listed their 'projected winners' throughout the years. Starting June 20th, Great Lakes will be hosting another contest with the start of the 2nd Annual Global Warming Open.

     Some of the local brewery participants include; Boundary Bay, Full Sail, Deschutes, Rogue, & Mad River. In the end though and much as Duncan McLeod famously uttered “there can be only one”. For more information please visit their site from the link below and as always you have to be 21 to enter.



Boundary Bay Brewery – Pilsner
Deschutes Brewery - Twilight Ale
Full Sail Brewing Co. - Grandsun of Spot IPA
Full Sail Brewing Co. - LTD 03
Mad River Brewing Co. - Steelhead Extra Pale Ale
Rogue Ales - American Amber Ale
Rogue Ales - Brutal Bitter
Rogue Ales - Juniper Pale Ale
Rogue Ales - Kell's Irish Lager
Rogue Ales - Mom Hefeweizen
Rogue Ales - Morimoto Imperial Pilsner
Rogue Ales - Somer Orange Honey Ale

The Brewing News' Great Lakes Global Warming Open
The List of Participants

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