Yesterday (May 1st, 2009) I was standing on the brewery floor at Black Raven Brewing (Redmond, WA) during their grand opening, when someone mentioned how nuts I am for running two blogs. That’s right, I am the man behind the curtain for Seattle Beer Week’s blog and on top of writing on here.

     Performing the duties of two people has been interesting in trying to run two blogs and still maintain differentiation between the two. For SWB so far I have posted on Pike Brewery, Beveridge Place Pub, & The Can Can Cabaret & Kitchen. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to discuss Iron Horse, Boulder, and Fish Tale breweries. Whether or not SBW has anything to do with it or not, but the number of events this week is next to a trickle around the area in regards to tastings, dinners, festivals, and evenings.

     For now I am going to sign off and enjoy what’s left of my evening, knowing that I will have much work ahead of me tomorrow and in the coming days leading up to Seattle Beer Week.



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