The Avery Experience, get a designated driver

The city of Seattle's weather has for most of Seattle Beer Week not failed to live up to its reputation for providing overcast with occasional precipitation. Last Wednesday as my wife and I walked down to Brouwer's Cafe I started to reflect on what I was about to participate in. The Avery Experience as it is known is a tour de beer through the entire catalog of beers (minus their Anniversary collection before 2008) that Avery has produced including a rare treat the Bradant.

Walking in through the familiar large wooden door of the 'Cafe you usually expect to be sanitized in a wash of natural lighting, solid beats through the speakers, and the occasional waft of smells emanating from the kitchen. Instead what I saw was most if not all of the tables arranged in two separate banquet style configurations featured prominently in the middle of the first floor of the bar. Checking-in with Nat we sat ourselves at the table near the stage and waited for the first set of pours and the previously mentioned appetizers.

For those of you who didn't attend this private event, you only had to be seated in one of the bar seats, booths, or upstairs tables to hear the words of Adam Avery as he introduced each beer and explained the genesis behind them. Each of these flights consists of three different beers from the library of fifteen beers so that’s five rounds of beers and with each round the level of alcohol increases. A cab or designated driver should be included in your preparedness for this event.


Sitting at the same table was members of Click Wholesale, Brouwer’s Matt Bonney, and our guide during this Experience Adam Avery. I learned much during the round upon round of beers poured from individual bottles. The highlights included vintage Czar, the Brabant No. 1, last years Ale to the Chief, and the Beast. Based on the turnout for the event there could be another in the near future.

The food served during the tasting included, buffalo, duck, Portobello mushrooms, salmon, as well as some great dry and smoked cheeses. Additional Avery inspired menu options were listed separate including a wonderfully prepared duck. The appetizers were plentiful and I tip my hat off to the kitchen staff for busting there buts to provide us with a constant supply of artisan snacks.

Matt, Rick, Jay, and Mr. Adam Avery thank you for sharing these wonderful beers with us and I even learned something new because of it. IMG_0638


For those of you that want to try this on your own below is the list of beers from the event, good luck.

1. Karma Ale – Belgian Pale Ale – 5.2% abv – 10 IBUs
2. White Rascal Belgian Wheat Ale - Belgian Wit - 5.6% abv - 10 IBUs
3. India Pale Ale - American IPA - 6.5% abv - 69 IBUs
4. Ale to the Chief – Presidential Pale Ale – 8.75% abv – 65 IBUs
5. Brabant Barrel-aged Wild Ale- 100% brett beer- 8.65% abv- 20 IBUs
6. FIFTEEN Anniversary Ale – 100% brett beer – 7.68% abv – 19 IBUs
7. Salvation Belgian Golden Ale - Belgian Strong Golden Ale - 9% abv - 23 IBUs
8. The Reverend Belgian Quadrupel Ale - Belgian Dark Strong Ale - 10% abv - 18 IBUs
9. Hog Heaven Barleywine - American Barleywine - 9.2% abv - 104 IBUs
10. The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale 2009 - Imperial IPA – 10.27% abv - 102 IBUs
11. The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest 2008 - German Strong Lager – 10.03% abv - 24 IBUs
12. The Czar Imperial Stout 2004 - Russian Imperial Stout – 13.00% abv - 70 IBUs
13. The Beast Grand Cru Ale 2004 Batch 1-Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 15.70% abv - 68 IBUs
14. Samael's Oak-aged Ale 2005 Batch 1 - English Barleywine – 14.50% abv - 41 IBUs
15. Mephistopheles' Stout 2008- Belgian Imperial Stout – 15.92% abv - 107 IBUs

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