As I was catching up on my collection of beer blogs I came across this wonderful mention by the folks at Draft Magazine regarding the ‘top ten beers for an adventurous palate’.

     Hidden amongst the listings was mention of a small brewery in heart of South Seattle. Since for a couple of years Chris Castillo and Joe Valvo have been doing what they can to promote use of exotic elements not to accent their beers but as an equal contributor to the  ingredients that make up the beers they produce. With beers like Mango Weizen, Purple Yam Porter, and Ginger Pale Ale, its no wonder their Pandan Brown Ale (made with real Pandan Leaves) was listed by Draft as one of the top five (out of ten) beers to seek out and taste for its interesting inclusion of unknown ingredients.

     I won't go on about the brewery’s history or how I like to check in on them from time to time to see their progress into the market of complimenting not just Asian foods, but also changing peoples concepts of what makes up a beer. Instead I will post what the Draft Magazine's website had to say about them.

"5. Pandan Brown Ale by Laughing Buddha Brewing Co. With the exception of those who frequent restaurants specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine, few people this side of the Pacific have encountered the floral bouquet that emits from the leaves of the pandan tree; we’ll bet even fewer have tasted it in their beer. Laughing Buddha Brewing has begun a mission to reinvent Asian beer, and have incorporated an exotic, Eastern-inspired list of ingredients like crystal, honey and chocolate malts, palm sugar, pandan leaves, and galena hops in this brown ale." -source,'s Top 10 Beers for an Adventurous Palate.

     Congratulations guys on another accomplishment in the form of recognition for your hard work and dedication to change people’s perceptions on what makes a good beer.



Trade Route (formerly Laughing Buddha) Brewing Co.
9320 15th Avenue South, Unit CE2 Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: (206) 762-3642

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