Leavenworth, WA - A quick shout out to Pike Brewery who since 1989 have not only promoted craft beers from their brewery but also the art of complimentary artisan foods. I have met Charles & Rose Anne Finkel many times often in the same presence of head brewer Drew Cluley, and I can honestly say that there is not a happier looking couple who demonstrate how much they truly enjoy spreading the word of the craft experience.

"The Finkel’s opened The Pike Place Brewery in the Pike Place Market. Well, not exactly "in" the market, but "under" the market in the La Salle Hotel at 1432 Western Avenue. It was the one of the country's smallest breweries with the tallest smoke stack. A four barrel copper kettle was customer made by Seattle's Alaska Copper and Brass Company though tiny, the brewery was state of the art." -source, Pike Brewing's website History

Last Saturday in Leavenworth they won over the palates of the judges to garner the Dark Ale award for their XXXXX Stout at the Ale Festival.

Congratulations guys and one of these days I will open that single bottle of Entire (step-brother to the XXXXX Stout) that is sitting in my fridge.

Flavor Profile
"Full bodied velvety malt texture; hints of chocolate, licorice & espresso."
source, Pike Brewing's 'Beers' section of their website

Alcohol Volume
source, Pike Brewing's 'Beers' section of their website



Pike Brewing Company
1415 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98101-2017
(206) 622-6044

Leavenworth Festhalle, Leavenworth Festhalle
1001 Front Street, Leavenworth, WA

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