source, "courtesy of So I thought I would take the time to mention what I should have last week when the notice came through via the Rogue Wire Service. Featured on KING 5 during their Tuesday (April 7th, 2009) news program in the town of Issaquah, WA is small batch brewery that features frogs on their labels and as their ceramic tap handles. Run under Dave “Hutch” Hutchinson, they have amassed a nice collection of hardware at various festivals, and recently at the Beverage Institute they were awarded best in show for their Smoked Frog Porter.

I have elected to embed the video within the site and if you wish to read the full story I have included that as well, courtesy of KING 5 and Northwest Cable News.

Sorry for the late mention of your award, and keep the good brews coming.


Issaquah Brew House
35 West Sunset Way # C Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 557-1911

NWCN Coverage courtesy of

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