Let's be honest, I post stories and events with the voracity of an over-stimulated Starbucks employee. Unapologetically the motivation comes from one part strong desire to get the data and spew it out like so much spaghetti on the wall, and one part blonde sentimentalities (yes for the record I have naturally blonde hair). Starting today (well technically last night), I will be splitting my time between posting Northwest beer related stuff and posting on Seattle Beer Week.

     I was inspired you could say when I saw the Seattle Beer Week website, and using minimal skills I created the Seattle Beer Week Blog. One of the first stories in a series is of Allagash Brewing’s Rob Todd. The story is more gonzo than educational but none the less its a perspective that gives craft beer insight in Seattle without the red on black neon glow.

     I implore you to visit the blog as it will constantly be updated with each event that is added, modified, or deleted, from the SBW's event page. In the future I will be posting stories on the breweries, the restaurants, the alehouses, and the musicians, that will help comprise Seattle Beer Week.


Paul "Fruit Trees" Orchard

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