These were just announced on Portland Beers’ website and I thought I would pass these along to you guys. If you don’t see a recent release on here feel free to post or email me so I can help spread the word of good beer.


Portland, OR

Cascade Brewing Winter Defroster
"A Scottish Ale, Defroster is proof against the winter chill. Brewers Gold, Mt Hood and Amarillo hops harken us back to the height of summer." "ABV: 7.3%" -source

Cascade Brewing Autumn Ipanox
"Autumn Ipanox is a delicious IPA, and a hophead's delight!" "ABV: 6.7%" -source

Cascade Brewing Flanders-Style Red
"Our very popular Flanders-Style Red is a sour Belgian beer that is oak barrel-aged and lactic fermented." "ABV: 6.3%" -source

Cascade Brewing Razberry Wheat
"Razberry Wheat is crisp with a refreshing tartness and the fresh aroma of raspberries. This salmon pink ale is just the thing to transport you to berry time in the summer." "ABV: 4.5%" -source

Cascade Brewing Old Salt IPA
"Our India Pale Ale is hoppy and bitter with a nice sweet malt finish. Slow dry-hop conditioning brings out the herbal hop aromas." "ABV: 5.8%" -source

Cascade Brewing Bad Billy Blond Bock
"Our Blond Bock is gold in color and features a malty profile and a spicy finish courtesy of Saaz hops. This beer boasts the flavor of a traditional Bock without the cloying aftertaste." "ABV: 6.2%" -source

Cascade Brewing Black Snout Stout
"This Irish Style Stout is coffee black and malty with a dry finish. Poured on Nitro, this beer is brewed with our nine-month rainy season in mind." "ABV: 4.5%" -source

Cascade Brewing Celtic Copper
"Celtic Copper is a mahogany hued ale with rich malt flavor and subtle hop balance; an excellent choice for those who prefer amber ales." "ABV: 5.2%" -source

Cascade Brewing Ring Tale Pale Ale
"Ring Tail Pale is light in body and straw-gold in color, with a crisp hop finish. This beer is a great choice for domestic lager drinkers." "ABV: 4.2%" -source

Laurelwood Public House IMSO Pale Ale
"We heard the sun was making a comeback in Oregon so here's a beer to help celebrate. This beer was brewed with two ingredients new to us - Victory malt and Challenger hops. We found they create a nice crisp pale that we think you'll really enjoy." "ABV: 5.8%" -source

Cascade Brewing aka Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub
7424 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Portland, OR 97225
(503) 296-0110

Laurelwood Public House
5115 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR
(503) 282-0622

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