Editorial on HB 1415 part two, the others

As promised here is my update to the post I made to Ms. Cantwell regarding House Bill 1415 “providing the sale of wine at the legislative gift center”. I have decided rather than numbing my fingers through scribing to use the below as a ‘boilerplate’ since my thoughts are the same and cannot be individualized based on the person.

     it has come to my attention that HB 1415 has recently passed House review and is currently waiting for Senate Rules Committee review without inclusion of Washington's craft beer industry. As a craft beer consumer, amateur scribe, and active volunteer at epicurious events; I assist spreading the word of craft beer and all that it represents in Washington state.
     Washington state although one of the largest recognized producers of craft beer per capita only sees the fraction of the support that Oregon's brewing community experiences from it legislators. This is never more evident than the state of Oregon's dedicating a week to Oregon craft beer every July. Compounded by this is that the number of breweries in Washington and Oregon are nearly identical. Craft brewing experiences Year over year growth over large scale brewing operations such as Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors (formerly, SABMiller, Molson - Coors),further demonstrated by the continual employment in the state.
     Senator, to allow this bill to move forward and omit the craft beer industry is a demonstration of this states unwillingness to support the artisan cook, the metal fabricator, the truck driver, and the farmers everywhere in this state. To let this bill pass as it stands without an addendum to include craft beer fails to say thank you to those who work so very hard to harvest the hops, to use spent grains to feed their cattle, and those that continually put a refreshing drink on the table for all who work so hard for this state.

Paul Orchard
Seattle, WA
and one of the many that voted for you in the last election to help preserve ALL of Washington's contributions.”


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