Editorial, do you purchase singles or a six pack?

     This morning I have been reading through my ‘morning paper’ if you will (of blog posts from various sources) when I came across this article “Alderman's proposal would restrict sales of cheap booze in Madison”. The subtext is in keeping with the headline in that the councilman would like limit the sale of single bottle beers, malt liquor, (with the exception of microbrews and imports), fortified wine (example, Boones), and less than a pint of liquor.

     This consideration got me thinking of the trip I made to Arizona last year and my visit to the Safeway down the street from where I was staying at. I saw a few local beers and some stuff that wasn’t available in Washington or nearby Oregon. After approaching the counter I was told that sales of individual beers was not allowed. I saw the practice at a few other places and in the end went to a bottleshop to get my ‘samples’.

     Needless to say I have come to conclusion that we in the Northwest are a bit spoiled, in that there is not one grocery store that I have visited that condemns the practice of selling you a single 12oz bottle of beer. In some cases these places would rather you purchase them individually since the average cost is around $1.99 (as they are classified as “import” despite being from down the street from like oh say, Pikes Brewing)

“Last summer, the city banned such sales in the 4th and 8th council districts to make it harder for alcoholics who panhandle and intimidate people to get liquor. It affects 11 retail license holders.” –source, Wisconsin State Journal

     As you can see this is not necessarily a “neo-prohibitionist” or MADD campaign to restore dry towns and cities, but on the surface instead appears an attempt to persuade the destitute from converting donated funds towards satisfying a chemical addiction.

“At the time, some voiced concern that chronic alcoholics would migrate to nearby neighborhoods to get cheap booze and cause trouble. The city has put sales restrictions on some licenses in other areas.” –source, Wisconsin State Journal

     Should this ban succeed in Madison, would you welcome or condemn the practice of banning ‘sampling’ from six packs? I know I for one enjoy the ‘luxury’ of being able to taste one potential bad beer rather than a whole six pack, but then again I am a ‘geek’.

     In case you are curious what I mean by bad beer, I will be posting a later discussion on bottleshops versus grocery stores, would you be willing to spend more if it meant the beer was well preserved?


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