(Portland, OR) To most people when I mention Hair of the Dog without written demonstration of the words, you think of something that you sip slowly to ease out of the drunken state that you allowed yourself to experience. To those in the know however (aka, craft beer enthusiasts, beer geeks, uber beer geeks) Hair of the Dog is a small brewery located in what appears to be a bleached concrete structure, possibly a former garage, off the freeway in Portland. Owner and Brewer Alan Sprints has been churning out interesting and uncategorized beers for well over fifteen (15) years all with that familiar bulldog that we have endearingly laughed at. With names like Ruth, Rose, Adam, Matt, Dave, and Fred; you would think he was working his way through some sort of most unpopular baby names list. In truth though his labeling comes from the styles or individuals that inspire him to make great beer without any apologies.

This year as has been the custom since his eightieth (80th) birthday legendary Portland scribe Fred Eckhardt will be featured as the guest of honor at his own birthday bash, FredFest. Besides being one of the few people to have a beer named after him Fred is an active swimmer and laureate in the pages of such craft magazines as Celebrator, All about Beer and occasionally guest writes for other publications whenever asked. I have had the pleasure to meet this former marine and I have to say that I am impressed not only by his recreations, but also the wit and sense of joy that fills the room whenever he is around.

Fredfest now in its third year will feature some of the rarest beers paired beautifully with artisan cheeses, breads, fruit, and other culinary delights. Among the beers featured in previous years were the rarest of rare Hair of the Dog beers Dave (b. 1994), an Eisbock that is frozen before allowing bottle conditioning to take over. Only 250 tickets are on sale with the proceeds from this event going to Fred's favorite charities.

“At the FredFest, there will be a silent auction at the event featuring bottles of rare beers. And a worldwide online auction of rare beers and vertical flights will be held the same weekend, allowing Fred fans across the globe to be a part of Fred's birthday and the FredFest celebration and fundraiser – even if they can’t actually attend the FredFest event.” –source, Lisa Morrison Portland craft beer writer and talk radio host.

On a personal note I will regrettably not be attending as I will be here reporting on the events during Seattle Beer Week (May 7th to May 17th, 2009), Semper Fi Fred.



Wikipedia entry regarding Fred Eckhardt
Fred Fest

Saturday, May 9th, 2009 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM PST
Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
4509 SE 23rd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97202

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