Just got this in from Lisa Morrison of Celebrator fame regarding last weekends Spring Beer & Wine Festival and the new (or continuing) People’s Choice Winner.

soure, pete4ducks photostream on flickr

“Astoria Brewing Company won a “threepeat” at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest last weekend with its popular “Bitter Bitch Double IPA” taking the People’s Choice Award for the third year in a row.

Unlike the judged beer event that is connected to the fest, the People’s Choice award is purely voted on by attendees at the festival. And for the third year in a row, the people have spoken out loud for the Bitter Bitch IPA.

The beer beat out other contenders in a tight competition, including second-place finisher 10 Barrel Brewing’s Sinister Black Ale out of Bend and Walking Man’s Big Black Homo out of Stevenson, Wash.

The People's Choice Award is the result of ballots fest-goers submit as they are sampling among the 90 beers at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest.” –source, Lisa Morrison

Congratulations for proving yet again, that there is more than Goonies to justify a drive down to Astoria.


Wet Dog Cafe (aka, Astoria Brewing Co.)
144 11th Street Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 325-6975

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