With an overcast and occasionally weeping sky peeking out through the windows at the back entrance of Elysian Fields I sat waiting in anticipation for the release of the (‘first official’) collaboration between New Belgium and Elysian. While sitting at the bar I started to look around until someone motioned me into the private dining room.

source, flickr.com "query" Projecting against the northern wall of the large room was edited footage of Dick Cantwell (Elysian), Peter Bouckaert (New Belgium), Grady Hull (New Belgium), and Marckus Stinson (Elysian); all donating labor during the brewing process of what later became Idefix (pronounced, Id uh Fix) and Wout (pronounced Woot?). As I peeked around the room I spotted the usual industry types including Chris Devlin (Beer Retard), Marcus and Matt (Schooner Exact), Doug Engler (Malt & Vine), and a few of the reps and staff of New Belgium Brewing.

The media sheet for this beer lists at 10.00% but discussion with Dave Buhler indicated that this beer was closer 7.50% – 8.00 % (Alcohol By Volume). This beer is suprisingly well balanced in its respect for the qualities that make up a Belgian style Tripel and an India Pale Ale. In the end I would categorize this as a wonderful social beer that would go well over a nice conversation.

Later that evening I made my way home and was thankful to see Elysian demonstrating another great collaboration.


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Elysian “Fields” Restaurant and Brewery
542 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA
(206) 382-4498 [

”Elysian Fields is in an old warehouse, remodeled and divided loft-like into areas for dining, drinking, lounging and private parties.” –source, seattle-times online

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