Washington ... Week in Review (3/21/2009)

     Another week in the bag and with it mention of an oft over abused organ in the body, something to do with green beer, and several special releases all in the name of Herbert? This week couldn't have been more busy and filled with enough beer to cause Shick Shadel hospital to open a mall.

Herbert gives back ...
     As previously mentioned in the upcoming events section of my weekly 'posts'; LaTona "by Greenlake" Pub played MC to Anacortes, Elliot Bay, The Ram (Northgate), and Water Street's variation on the Herbert's Ale. Again I wanted to thank both the staff of LaTona including Bob as well as the many brewer's that contributed to the creation of so many great variations on the Herbert's Ale theme. (related, Casks, Kegs, and a Martime Pac. Shirt)

Everyone is green on Tuesday
     Although I wasn't around at a nearby party or pub, I was in spirit trying to at least enjoy the moment with a dark stout, a plate of corned beef, and a DVD. The movie had nothing to do with little people or men who said 'feck' all the time but it was entertaining. Some of those that were notably vocal about their appreciation for the color and the land of the leprechaun were; Chuckanut and Boundary Bay in Bellingham; Pikes, Beveridge Place Pub, and the Palace Ballroom, as well Elliot Bay, and Hales Seattle. There are various contributors that discussed their own experiences and I have attached them for your review (source, Seattle Beer News @ The Palace Ballroom)

Pt. Townsend Water conservation continues
     As I and other's had previously posted, Gary Sink and Terri Griffith announced in the almost weekly newsletter  a second reason to come into the pub. Featured on top of the three additional cask releases of Herbert's Ale was a raffle to raise money for the continued operations of the Water Street Brewery in Port Townsend. On top of some really well put together beers I also was touched by the sheer amount of generosity offered on behalf of breweries, distributors, and friends all in the name of preserving all of those at the brewery and restaurant's continued contributions. I myself didn't scribe anything in regards to thoughts but I did see something posted by the Washington Beer Blog (see, Washington Beer Blog @ BPP)

Anyone had a spare liver they can loan me?
     Its been over twenty four hours and I still feel as if there was so much more I could have tried at the 2009 Brouwer's Cafe Hard Liver Barleywine Festival. What started at 11 AM for me ended around 6 PM before I drifted off into unconsciousness. The review was posted earlier and again I would like to thank the door staff as well as Ian, Matt (bartender), Matt Bonney, and the rest of those in attendance for making this another successful and enjoyable event for me. (see, Liver'geddon Part Two)

What does this week hold?
     In the coming week we will feature the Grand Opening of Pillager's Pub, some dinners, the Cask Festival itself, and finally the occasional notice of pending brewer's night, and other such releases.


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