March 17th, 2009

Seattle, WA

5:30 PM PST to 8:00 PM PST
Palace Ballroom 2100 Fifth Avenue Seattle, WA, 98121

     I spoke to a Robyn (at the Palace Ballroom) and she was gracious enough to send me a list of the beers and dishes being featured at this food and beer pairing. Please keep in mind this is more of a "nibble and discuss" than a full blown dinner.

  • Pike Place Ale paired with Beer Battered Fried Fish & Tartar
  • Big Al Dark Wheat paired with Curried Nuts
  • Baron Black Lager paired with Salami
  • Scuttlebutt Triple 7 paired with Garrett’s Pretzel Bites
  • Georgetown 9lb. Porter paired with Espresso Pudding
  • Boundary Bay IPS  paired with White Sausage
  • Hales Troll Porter paired with Beef Mole
  • Issaquah Ménage A Frog Tripel with Aged Cheese
  • Maritime Flagship Red paired with Pizza
  • Diamond Knot Slane’s Irish Ale paired with Fried Chickpeas

Space is still available if you are interested in attending this event tomorrow starting at 5:30 PM. Contact Christy at (206) 448-2001 for availability and directions.


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