Washington … Newsflash (see boil over)

I was on the phone with one of the staff (Elliot Ryan) at the LaTona ‘by Greenlake’ Pub regarding a couple of events that were on the calendar for this month.

(March 23rd, 2009) The big news is the Cask Dinner which is to feature several casks paired with dishes from the LaTona kitchen. Unfortunately due to personal constraints (the head chef’s recent pending acquisition from the stork) and getting enough casks together, this will be canceled for now. A later date will be picked and after the General Manager and the Head Chef come to a consensus on menu and appropriately paired beer they will announce the date for purchasing tickets.

(March 16th, 2009) The second although not as tragic is the Herbert’s Cask release party which was to feature Anacortes, The Ram (aka Big Horn Brewing), and Water Street. Now it appears that only the Ram and Water Street will be participating with Anacortes’ beer featured on draft in spirit.

I know I will be heading down come this Monday to thank the guys at these three breweries for their contribution to the festival.


March 16th, 2009

Seattle, WA

LaTona ‘by Greenlake’ Pub
6423 Latona Avenue N.E. 98115 (206) 525-2238

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