Washington … Issaquah wins big again!

     I thought I would follow suit and post a story that was released last week regarding a local medal winner, namely Issaquah Brewery. Submitted during the week of March 6th, 2009, United States Beer Tasting Championships (Princeton, NJ), Frosty Frog entered under the Spice / Smoke category and won Grand Champion. Previously Frosty won last year under the medal Pacific Northwest Champion in 2008.

“This is Issaquah Brewery's fourth award and second Grand Champion from the U.S. Beer Tasting Championships. Previous Pacific Northwest Champions were Issaquah Brewery's Bullfrog Ale in 2007 and Farm Frog Saison in 2006.
The 15th annual United States Beer Tasting Championship was held in December in Princeton, New Jersey. Over 400 beers from 141 breweries participated.
The U.S. Beer Tasting Championships takes a unique approach in that its competition is held in multiple stages. Sequential field trials are conducted wherein judges evaluate beers and select the best beers to advance to subsequent rounds. This allows beers to be judged in relatively small flights while ensuring that the best beers are still determined through head-to-head competition. All beers were tasted blind and judged on a hedonic scale.
Issaquah Brewery's Frosty Frog uses 11 ingredients: Bairds Maris Otter, Bairds Brown, Biscuit, and Bairds 30-75 Malts; Columbus, Chinook, and Amarillo Hops; Raisins, Molasses, Free Range Coastal Water and Pacman Yeast.”
–source, Rogue ‘Wire Service’

     Besides winning again, Issaquah presents an excellent selection of locally crafted beer under head brewer Dave “Hutch” Hutchinson. Currently you can find at least four locally offered beers as well as guest beers from Rogue affiliated breweries (see, Eugene City), local Washington, and national releases. Stop on in and ask for Hutch’, Brandt, Stacey, Brian, or Matt and congratulate them on keeping the beers flowing.


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