WA UPDATE, Dog & Pony serving Stoudts on 4/4

(April 4th, 2009) I received word from Northwest Brewing News’ Jeannie McWilliams with a reminder that this coming Saturday the 4th Elysian  Brewing is sponsoring a brewer’s night assisted by their Assistant Sales Representative Laura Stoudt, who will be demonstrating her sushi making skills.

For those that aren’t familiar with Laura she is a former bartender at the Renton alehouse working under owner and manager Jay Fisher. On top of providing a rare treat in the form of fresh made sushi, Ms. Stoudt is also the daughter of Pennsylvania’s own Stoudt Brewery.

“Laura is currently serving good beers in Seattle, Washington, enjoying the diverse beer scene of the Pacific Northwest. Laura graduated with a BFA from Alfred University, with a concentration in ceramic art. Laura’s interests include playing with clay, cooking, making sushi, drinking hopped up West coast beers, and basking in the sun with her fat cat, George.” –source, Stoudt Brewing Company

Along with sushi and Elysian beers (being paired along side the sushi) Laura will be accompanied by family members Carol, Elizabeth, and Gretel Stoudt, as well as a “surprise” addition to the event. As has occurred in the past this event fills in quickly and will more than likely occur this year as well. So anticipate an early arrival with sushi, Elysian beers, and usual giveaways.



Dog and Pony Alehouse
351 Park Avenue North, Renton, WA 98057
(425) 254-8080

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