Casks, Kegs, and a Maritime Pac. T-Shirt

     With the arctic wind on my face and the overcast skies warning me of a pending rain, I walked a block down 65th to the LaTona "by Greenlake" Pub. Featured last night was the inaugural cask (and one draft) of Herbert's Ale by not one but four breweries. For the record ten total breweries were requested to contribute in honor of the 10th Anniversary since the first batch of "Herbert's Ale" was created, for this years Cask Festival.

     Starting at seven (PM) the first two available was from Ram and Elliot Bay, which evoked a wonderful homage to the fields of Yakima that fed Bert Grant's Brewery in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. Later wheeled in on a hand truck was the half barrel draft keg of Anacortes. Described by some as a hoppy brown ale, even on the draft it had a cask like quality to it.

     Finally around eight thirty under the cover of darkness and in the back of a early 80's Volvo four door sedan, Mark Burr of Water Street arrived with a keg hand carried through the entrance for service. Skip’s beer came across as I expected, malt forward and then with Mr. Hyde like charm a bustling of hops across the backend .

     In attendance to congratulate and sample the four beers was Drew (Cluley) of Pikes, Mark (Burr) from Water Street, Rick () from Anacortes / Rock Fish Grill, Don (Webb) from Naked City Tap House & Brewery, and Dave (Leonard)  with Kevin (Forhan) from the Ram Northgate. Prizes given away included everything from hats, shirts, and other merchandise with breweries and LaTona logos alike. I ended up winning an XL shirt from Maritime Pacific in honor of their pending expansion.

     After sipping the final dredges from the bottom of my schooner, I thanked Elliot, Bob, as well as the brewer's in attendance for contributing not just to this special beer but continuing to supply our thirsts with good beer.


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