(1:30 PM PST) I just visited Bottleworks on my way home and Matt (Bonney) was there checking on the progress of the sale since they opened up at 11 AM. At this point they have sold through over half of each of their cases on the floor (13 cases of each gone in less than 2.5 hours) of Hair of the Dog Matt / New Belgium Bottleworks X, and because of this they are changing per person / per day allowances for purchase.

Starting as of 1:30 PM PST, you will now only be able to purchase one (1) bottle (750ml) of New Belgium Bottleworks X and two (2) bottles (12oz) of Hair of the Dog Matt. Again these number are per day and pricing is subject to change hence the first day pricing.

Another reminder for all of you that are considering on waiting to purchase tomorrow or later in the week.  In less than 2.5 hours they sold through at two (2) bottles per beer, per person; one dozen (12) plus cases in less than 2.5 hours. So who knows how long until the manager or owners (“The Matts”) will wait before boxing the rest up to eek out in years to come.

Some notables that I saw on the shelves and in the coolers.

Fish Brewing Co.
’99 Leviathan $44.99    ’00 Leviathan $41.99
’01 Leviathan $39.99    ’02 Leviathan $38.99
’01 Monkfish $34.99    ’01 Poseidon $31.99
’00 Poseidon $41.99    ’00 Poseidon ‘Magnum’ $82.99
Bottleworks Anniversary Releases
IV LaConner $13.99    VII Issaquah $19.99
IX Russian River $60
Pikes Brewing Co.
’98 Bawdy $13.99
Hair of the Dog Brewing ‘Batch #’
’43 Adam $20.99    Fred $20.99

’04 Gouden Carolus $18.99


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