recycle After a 2 month hiatus from writing on my blog, I have accrued a pile of information left in my inbox (in need of being orated / noted). Because of this I have decided to revisit this already congested space called the beer blog.
    For starters I have to be honest to most of you (or to you if you're the only person reading this), its hard to sustain the energy to scribe when feedback is never given. I know people see blogs as "yay another blog, whoop-tee-do" but for alot of us we make an honest effort to focus on the craft that we are interested in. There are some notables out there Washington Beer Blog,, Seattle Beer, etc., that have established themselves as consistent, unlike myself. But, in the end its up to the reader to harvest what they want from the information and then occasionally burp it up, sometimes with a bit of heartburn. So I am going to continue my attempts to not only get the local and regional information out there, but to attempt to drive awareness to the national scene as it does impact us locals whenever we visit our favorite "watering hole" or grocer. If you see errors, omissions that you feel should be included let me know, cheers.

Week in Review 02/21/2009

Another one lost to the angel's share, William "Bill" Brand (1939 - 2009)
    Two weeks ago, while attending and developing research for his column in the Oakland Tribune, William Brand was hit my a Metro bus as he was walking across the street. After two weeks in critical care his status remained comotose. Yesterday, he lost his battle with consciousness and was pronounced dead at the age of 70.
    Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him or reading his many columns to the paper I am always saddened when someone who spends so much energy into promoting the oft maligned and shunned industry of craft beer passes away. I won't go on about how much he will be missed since to do so would be a discredit not only to my understanding of who Bill was but also to his surviving friends and family as they now must grieve the loss of another human being on this planet. Bill all I can offer you is sincerest wishes that I hope your journey from this plane of existence is filled with safety and happiness. Cheers.


February 19th, 2009

Fifth (5th) Annual REAL Strong Ale Festival The Collins Pub Seattle, WA. Wednesday, Seth Howard and company held a "soft launch" with approximately 6 of his beers on drafts, followed with the official release of the anticipated 16+ beers on Thursday. So far it seems to be sucessful with only the Boundary Bay Old Bounder and Russian River Consecration missing in action. As of this publishing, Russian River Pliny the Younger Imperial IPA is in its second day of release, and should be gone within the next couple of days.

"Brewery" (see also Brewer's) Night

February 16th, 2009

Rogue Ales w/special guest John Maier LaTona 'by Greenlake' Pub; Seattle, WA. I had a chance to come and sample some of the rare (Charlie 1981 & Mogul Madness) as well as the regular released (Yellow Snow, Shakespeare Stout, and Dry Hopped Red), as well as participate in the drawing that held with prizes in the form of T-Shirts, Glassware, and other misc. Rogue merchandise. It was blast to see him and his lovely wife, as well as trying more of Charlie 1981. Cheers.

February 17th, 2009

Three Skulls; Naked City Taphouse & Brewery Seattle, WA. Although I wasn't in attendance for this event I am sure that Jeff Smiley demonstrated a strong degree of depth, to those that have previously sampled his Lunar and Baron line of beers. In the coming weeks, he will be opening the Pillager's Pub across the street from Naked City in the old Tully's Coffee location on 87th. Cheers.

"Brewery" Release Events

February 19th, 2009

Fire Chief Pale Ale; Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant Bellevue, WA. I had a chance to sample this on “firkin” and I would like to say that Brian Young has attempted to make a more drinkable (almost English style by impression version of a Pale Ale with a malt forward taste). Proceeds from every glass went to the firefighter’s fund, hence for some of you out there, the lack of $1 dollar pints during the first hour of release.

Week to Come


February 24th, 2009

'Fat Tuesday', Boundary Bay Brewing Bellingham, WA

February 22nd, 2009 - until they are gone

Fifth (5th) Annual REAL Strong Ale Festival, The Collins Pub Seattle, WA

February 27th, 2009

Barleywine Bacchanal, Beveridge Place Pub Seattle, WA

February 28th, 2009

Winter Beer Festival, Elysian Capital Hill Seattle, WA

"Brewery" (see also Brewer's) Events

February 26th, 2009

Anacortes Brewing, Beveridge Place Pub Seattle, WA

February 21st & 22nd, 2009

Pike Brewing, "Bike and Pike" R & E Cycle Seattle, WA


February 27th, 2009

Stone Brewing Co. Malt & Vine Redmond, WA


February 25th, 2009

10th Anniversary; Bottlworks Seattle, WA
    As I am sure alot of you have already seen posted all over the beer community Bottleworks is opening its doors at 11 AM and offering 2 versions of their annual 'anniversary' beer. This time around the 'two Matts' (Matt Bonney & Matt Vandenberghe) managed to convince Alan Sprints (Hair of the Dog Brewing) and Peter Bouckaert to create their limited release beers. Please note that Bottleworks will be featuring a one day only pricing for both of these beers with the Matt fetching $15 for 12 ounces and BW10 requesting $20 for a 750ml bottle. I am not sure on the maximum allowed per person / customer but I am sure it will be no more than 2 of each. Even if you purchase two of each you will be paying around $70.
    Matt from HOTD is a barrel aged aged that has been aged in "Apple Eau de Vie" oak barrels for approximately one year. Bottleworks 10 from NB "... is a blend of three beers from foedres #3 , #13, and #2. New Belgium Sensory Expert, Lauren Salazar explains, “This one actually used both our dark and light base beers – we usually use the dark for La Folie and the light for Eric’s Ale and Le Terroir, but they found a nice blend of both- old, mid and young barrels. After Eric blended and filtered he dosed the bottles and kegs with Brettanomyces Lambicus (not our house strain of brett), this one is known for its barnyard aromas- they really wanted to bring in the funk.” (source, Brouwer's Newsletter).
    Later on that evening approximately 5 PM, Brouwer's will be tapping several 'vintage' kegs of Bottlework's Anniversary, from as far back as Far West Brewing's (no longer in operation) 6th Anniversary.  Additional offerings will include limited release of previous years Anniversary beer in bottles as well as both Matt & BW10 on draft. I will more than likely be visiting both places so that I can have the chance to taste and memorize what I will be missing as I put away these two annual and unique beers away in my cellar.


February 23rd, 2009

"Beer Northwest" Vindalho Portland, OR
Tizley's Pub Poulsbo, WA (360)394-0080
Chuckanut Brewing Bellingham, WA (360)752-3377

February 25th, 2009

Widmer Brewing, Elephant & Castle Seattle, WA (206) 624 – 9977
Smith's Pub Seattle, WA (206) 709-1900

February 26th, 2009

Burien Artisan Dinner Elliot Brewing Burien, WA

Heard through the 'hopvine'
    Elysian Brewing, "Barrel Aged" Night Owl, at Capital Hill. Thanks to Geoff Kaiser & Ratebeer for this tip. I will definitely have to see if this is still on draft. It should also be mentioned that neither Elysian Fields (SoDo) or Tangletown (Greenlake) has this beer on their lines.

    Full Sail "Black Gold" Imperial Stout 2009 edition. There are many sightings of this beer throughout Seattle and I am sure greater Seattle as well. I had a chance to try this on draft at Uber Tavern as well as Beveridge Place Pub. At over $9 a pint you need to know for sure if you liked the 2007 edition of this beer before trying. Cheers

Newsflash (see, Boil-over)
    Brewing News's National IPA Championship, last call is today, so hurry up and sign up with your picks for this spin on the basketballs compete for the tournament champion. Deadline is no later than Midnight (PST) tonight.

In the future


Hard Liver Barleywine Festival, Brouwer's Cafe Seattle, WA
Cask Festival, Seattle Center Seattle, WA
Seattle Beer Week Seattle, WA

'Cask' Beer Dinner, LaTona 'by Greenlake' Seattle, WA

March 9th, 2009

Widmer Brewing, McCormick & Schmick's Seatle, WA

Brewery (see also Brewer's) Nights
Full Sail, Beveridge Place Pub Seattle, WA


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