CoffeeBeer The alarm clock on my phone went off the same time it does every morning during the week, six fifteen (6:15) AM, and along with my mind waking up came the grogginess from too much good beer the night before. What started as a meeting of familiar faces and concluded with a kind lift home from a colleague has gone in my book as one of the better anniversary parties I have been to.

Brewers from Pikes, Big Time, Silver City (and if you will Far West), Elysian, Skagit River, and many more; were on hand along with owners, sales reps, and distributors. On tap an hour early (courtesy of the two Matt’s possibly being over anxious to share) was both the New Belgium X (Ten) and Hair of the Dog Matt, in convenient 12 ounce servings. Both Eric (Salazar) and Alan (Sprints) were available to answer questions about their respective contributions to this years Anniversary beers.

Also featured were the Russian River Deviation (Bottleworks IX), Flyer’s 180 Schilling (Bottleworks VIII); and the the Elysian Icarus (Bottleworks V) on draft. I was amazed by the generosity at one point by Matt (Younts) with a very bold bottle of 2007 Duvel, of which he poured freely into empty glasses.

At one point Tom Munoz (formerly of the since closed Far West Ireland Brewery) of Silver City presented both (Matt) Bonney and Vanderberghe with a framed show of appreciation by all the brewer’s that have contributed and benefitted over the years to Bottleworks’ success.

All told, I had consumed a very nice Russian River Pliny the Younger, Hair of the Dog Matt, New Belgium Bottleworks X, a few sips of the Bottleworks VI (courtesy of my shared table guests), and created an artificial dent in a large chalice of beer.

Tonight regrettably I won’t be attending the ‘left-over’ consumption at the Collins Pub’s REAL Strong Ale festival, or the Naked City (Taphouse & Brewery) flight of Russian River Blind Pig, Pliny the Elder, and Pliny the Younger; or the Anacortes Brewer’s Night at Beveridge Place Pub. In the end I am saving myself for this Saturday afternoon’s Winter Beer Festival at Elysian “Capital Hill”. More to come in the later days and weeks but till then I am reaching for that cup of tea that I think will warm me a lot better than a cold glass of brew, burp.


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