“Beer Memorial For Bill Brand March 7”

Courtesy of Jay “Brookston” Brooks’ online post, there will be an impromptu memorial on March 7th.

“Though there will be a family event and undoubtedly other events from the other areas of Bill’s rich life, this one is intended to be for the beer community to celebrate Bill’s contributions and impact on the Bay Area beer family. It will take place beginning at 1:00 p.m. this Sunday, March 1, which is an hour before The Trappist’s regular opening time. Chuck and Aaron have graciously agreed to host the event at The Trappist in Oakland. The Trappist is located at 460 8th Street in Oakland, near the 12th Street BART station.

Some details are still being worked out, but the format will likely be to provide an opportunity for everyone in the beer community who knew Bill and were impacted by his tireless efforts to share their memories of Bill and hoist a pint or two to his memory. I believe Chuck and Aaron are trying to get a keg of Anchor Porter, Bill’s favorite beer for Sunday. I’ve been asked to MC and start the ball rolling and then we’ll open it up to people to take turns sharing their memories and stories of Bill with the assembled party. Think of your favorite story of Bill you’d like to share for a few minutes. Over the course of the day, I suspect an amazing portrait of Bill will emerge as more and more of us pay our respects to his memory. Please join us if you’re able.

Special thanks to Gail Ann Williams and Steve Shapiro from Beer by BART and also Mike Condie for putting this all together; and, of course to Chuck and Aaron for allowing us to use The Trappist.”

source, Brookston Beer Bulletin

You will be missed Bill

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