birthday_beer_basket Fall continues in Seattle with the obvious reminders in the form of constant rain, occasional gusts of wind and, of course fall theme'd beer festivals. This last weekend I stood outside the Seattle Center's Ranier room taking in the cold chill while the random drop of precipitation greeted my face. The anticipation of the Washington Association of Beer Lover's Third Annual celebration was almost too much to handle as each brewer's keg of beer venture through the same entrance that in a meer hour, I would be putting to my lips; stouts, porters, belgian styles, and many other liquid desserts.
This year's format for the Anniversary was a combination social and dinner along with awards from some of the many local brewers. Some of the beers offered came as far as Walla Walla & Silverdale while some of the largest came as far as Redhook. I had a chance to speak with Executive of the Washington Brewer's Guild Arlen Harris for a moment to congratulate him on another successful year of increasing the overall attendance for appreciation by craft beer enthusiasts. Whether you want to call us beer lovers, beer snobs, or beer related discount lovers, the fact remains we all enjoy Washington beer.
Highlights of this event included pizza by Pagliacci's, a large birthday cake for everyone, and the occasional chocolate truffle courtesy of Tom Munoz from Silver City (to accent their Sasquatch Stout). My wife and I ended up winners of some brewery schwag (a cap and shirt from Georgetown and a tin poster from Pikes) with myself being the more "enthusiastic" of the two over our awards. My hats off to Elliot Bay, Bigtime, & Water Street for their Belgian style brews in the form of the Elliot Bay Brett and the Water Street Sour Brown. Speaking to Skip after a short quip about his rather sour 'Oatmeal Stout' he explained away the substitution as nothing more than an issue of the agreed upon beer's tardiness and viola the Belgian style brown.
I would like to thank Lisa Miyashita, Arlen Harris, Pikes, Scuttlebutt, Big Time, Redhook, Maritime Pacific, Walla Walla, Laht Nippur, Hales, Beaux Bowman, Anacortes, Silver City, Water Street, Pikes, Elliot Bay, Issaquah Brewhouse, Hales, and many other's for their participation either in presence or with a supplied keg. See ya next year.


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