Quick Word! ... Heater Allen at Noble Rot November 19th

heaterallen-brewery-pic-5 Quick Word! ... Heater Allen at Noble Rot November 19th

    Just letting you guys know the 'all lager' brewery (well 99% all lager) Heater Allen of McMinnville, OR; is going to be featured at Noble Rot in Portland. Below is a menu post of the offerings for that night.

6:30 p.m., dinner at 7, Wed. Nov.19th, Noble Rot, 2724 SE Ankeny St.;$55/person, $100/couple, reservations: 503-233-1999. Seating is limited.

Reception: Candied nuts and house made pork terrine / Beer: Pilsner & Bobtoberfest

First Course: Chicken Agnolotti with cauliflower two ways; truffle oil / Beer: Weizenbock

Second Course: Braised pork belly, cranberries, acorn squash, smoked chanterelles & shallots / Beer: Hugo Bock

Third Course: Cheese plate with pears & golden raisin sauce / Beer: Coastal Common

Fourth Course: Pumpkin seed brittle with Schwarzbier mousse & coffee foam / Beer: Schwarz

source, Oregonlive.com

    After a visit to the brewery and having met the brewer, I find his dedication to craft brewing exceptional. His choice to open up in McMinnville was based on the best water table and he found the town one of two locations that appealed to him on those grounds. Another interesting aspect of Heater Allen is that they distribute as far away as Portland (Belmont Station) and as locally in McMinnville as a wine shop.

     The main goal of Heater Allen is to produce a quality beverage that doesn't get mistreated or misappropriated (better term for left near a heated area where it will quickly spoil) hence his lack of availability at some of the local grocers (Albertson, Safeway, Roth's, etc.). So if you find yourself in Portland, maybe stop into Noble Root and see if Heater Allen stacks up to your impression of a beer dinner.


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