catbeertv Ok, first off I want to apologize for being extremely late in starting another entry in what has slowly become yet another under-appreciated, often discussed, subject. I say this with all sarcasm aside on what has been an ongoing struggle to continue driving an artificial deadline when there are other's like me, whom walk into a crowded world and start spouting off opinions, historical rhetoric, and the occasional calendar note; regarding beer.

Today, as I stare out at a sky filled with shades, of charcoal & bone, along with a strong density of rain, I reflect on the pending Oktoberfest and the visits from the South.

When I first started to compose this entry, I really had to think about the moral definition of my blog and what comprises it. In the end I decided that in keeping with Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (I know I will eventually get that); it should be about the breweries, the alehouses, and the restaurants that host the many breweries not just from the Northwest, but how they support all craft beer. Its not enough to just list and discuss the breweries in Seattle, Portland, Boise, or other towns large and small; but also about a really great dinner from Stone Brewing at The Collin's Pub, or how an Alehouse such as Uber Tavern can host breweries such as Lost Abbey / Port Brewing while at the same time being one of the few destinations that Silver City brewing calls home-away-from-home to their kegs.

20080201-tommearthur This week welcomes Tomme Arthur, a multi-medal winner at The Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup, and numerous California contests; to Seattle on his continued promotion of the Lost Abbey and Port Brewing line of beers. This time around unlike before, he visits not just to promote but to praise the city of Seattle and its surrounding cities that have helped make a name for Port Brewing but also the belgian styling's that is Lost Abbey.

If you find yourself bored as hell or just feeling an itch to play 'hop-er-azi' (Ok, very thick, and tacky pun), then find yourself at one of the following places during these days.

August 28th, 2008
Brouwer's Cafe
Seattle, WA

August 29th, 2008
Uber Tavern
Seattle, WA

August 30th, 2008
Malt & Vine 'Beer & Wine' Bottleshop
Redmond, WA

A little bit about Port Brewing, Lost Abbey, & Tomme Arthur has been attached. Some of it extremely wordy and some of historical but its all good.

*limited to stock on hand at your local grocer / alehouse
Lost Abbey line of beers
'Pizza' Port Brewing'

Tomme Arthur
'Pizza' Port Brewing'
Lost Abbey


More to follow but this should tide over for now.

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