Up for Discussion - Beer Festivals vs. Trade Show

golfer-drinking Friday the 13th of June offered the Washington Beer Commission's Cask Night for ages 21 and older only event. Featured were Belgian style Trippels, a Watermelon Wheat, & a Chili Pilsner, among many other "one-offs". What was also feature were brewer's & sales staff, alongside a select group of knowledgeable volunteers who either frequent the breweries or have knowledge of the style of beer that they are presenting.

I was one of those such know it alls who was neither was a sale rep, employee, or brewer of said brewery I was pouring beer for. Instead what I was offering was a friendly face with a hint of wit and the willingness to answer both geographical and technical information on the beers in question.

Some of the questions asked mostly received repetitive and identical responses while others sometimes required the assistance of the nearby brewer. Of the questions I had no answer to was in regards to technical data, such as the type of hops used, or what kind of yeast. I felt pretty good about the responses I gave but when it came time to answer some of the technical question, I started to wonder if I was potentially entering into an agreement that might undermine the personal recipe of someone's beer.

So here is my question, do you think that its appropriate to expect the person pouring your beer to know every detail including the hop and malt types, as well as IBU, etc; or would it suffice if they knew the alcohol, style, & characteristics? I look forward to your answers.


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