Holidays and Beer ... Father's Day Festival

Father's Day is a day in which we as children both young and old celebrate that man who has demonstrated inspiration and desire to imitate, either in ourselves or in our future spouses. Course, as tradition dictates, the man of the day usually gets to sleep in which is later accompanied by a morning breakfast, a warm hallmark card, and a crappy tie. The tradition varies, but around here for a select few, it also includes an opportunity for us to have a cold beer with our father, legal age allowing.

June 13th, 2008, welcomes the start of a three day tour of the beautiful grounds of St. Edward's State Park and the monastery where many of our "Fathers" once lived and studied for the missionary faith. Today it host as it has been for over 6 years a tradition of combining Washington, Oregon, Idaho, other states beers with that favorite man we love and adore, Dad.

"Saint Edward State Park is a 316-acre day-use park with 3,000 feet of freshwater shoreline on Lake Washington. Once a Catholic seminary, the park's rich history reflects in its grounds and architecture. Walks along the undeveloped lakeshore are peaceful and give the visitor many opportunities for nature study."
Washington State Parks

Started in 1987, in Fall City, WA; on the grounds of the Zimmerman / Van Dyck Herbfarm, the Father's Day Festival has played host to over 50 breweries, year after year. As the local brewery business thrived, so have the crowds of people, that attend with their kids and spouses.

Short History

1987, June 13 & June 14th, the 1st Annual NW Microbrewer's Festival is held on Father's Day weekend at the Fall City Herbfarm

2000, due to lack of momentum to carry it further on the Herbfarm location, the 1st Annual Summer Microbrew Fest' is started on the grounds of the Saint Edwards State Park in Kenmore, WA.

2006, The Washington Brewer's Guild, takes the reins and the last year of the lease at the Seattle Pavilion building in Seattle, WA. The following year the Guild moves operations back to Saint Edwards Park.

I have done some digging around and located some interesting observations from various years, both from volunteers, reporters, and from myself, which I will post on here ... (continued in the next post)

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