It's the Truth Stupid!... the Doctor.

Analysis Not Good So recently I had a physical (well technically in February) and during the course of the discussion, between the needles, the hammer, the lights, etc.; came up the alcohol question.

Any sane person would tell you alcohol is a toxin and consumed in large doses, will eventually overwhelm the liver, the kidneys, etc. These are facts and although its a rough explanation (for more information speak to your local physician or do standard search for "Alcohol and the Human Body) it needs to be said, I obviously don't care about my body. Well at least little by little.

What does this mean to you or I? Well in simpler terms this means that as you consume quantities of alcohol, you are making a choice to ignore doctors', the media, and other sources; that tell you this not a good idea. And when you come to your physical and your doc' asks you how many you have per day, you end up acting more like that 3 year old who wrote fart with crayons on the wall, and less like an adult who made the choice to imbibe, years ago.

Stuck with how to respond, I gave him a complex answer. It's actually a dilemma that a lot of us face, did you have the equivalent of three Budweisers in the form of a strong ale, or did you have 1 beer? In my case I told him I consume on average 1 - 2 7 or 8 percent 12 ounce beers. He didn't answer much other than let me know, my blood tests would reflect if my election to contaminate my body was the wrong one.

Well, fast forward about a couple of weeks and everything checks out, my body is great with no anomalies, sweet. But the fact remains, how many of us go through the routine of lying to our doctor in order to avoid the lecture on human body v. ethanol.

Ok next discussion, something more cheerful.

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