Beer "Clique" & Wine Snobs is there such a thing?

So I am sitting here enjoying a palatable Bavarian Weiss, and thinking to myself, have I become a beer snob?

It's a common concern amongst us beer drinkers, in regards to how we appreciate a brewery or beer. The main concern is mostly with how you appreciate the different breweries both locally and nationally.

For instance are you more likely to support the local brewery over the national brand because its local or because its a quality beverage? I know for me given the options I can find at least one local / regional brand that is on draft that I will readily consume over the national brands. But the again there's the rub, I'm ignoring the national brand not because it lacks consistency (quite the contrary, they are very consistent for a good reason), but because its the big guy.

What is the point of all this, you ask? The point I am getting at is, it should be ok to enjoy A-B as much as you do Loki Lager (Elysian) or Old Seattle (Maritime Pacific). It's ok to enjoy Michelob Bock as Dead Guy (Rogue), just make sure you have justifications for doing so. Don't drink any beer just because it supports the brewery, drink it because its good.

I am not against local breweries, but I would have to apply the same standards I apply to the national brands. So don't feel bad if you are sipping on that Budweiser instead of your local brew, they just need to try a little harder.


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