Stumbling amongst the hop vines - Collin's Pub

  It's Thursday, the temperature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit and the lights are down to a low hum. Music can be heard blasting out relatively small speakers, posted on top of high shelves, like gargoyles or banshees, welcome to The Collin's Pub.

Sitting here at one of the two (2) person booths, I stare deep into the 12 ounce belgian tulip of Deschute's Brewing Co. Abyss Stout. The dim light regretably inhibits my ability to full determine that complexity of hues that are featured both in the lace, the foamy head, and the ale itself.

Tasting Notes,

Appearance: although I am unable to full immerse light on the background I detect a darkness that needs to no further discussion on clarity, 18 points

Head Retention: this beer as I put my nose to the glass had a wonderful salt and pepper / sandy complexion to the head profile along with a cobweb of lace so severe it looks like the lace was torn asunder only to bleed along the glass, 18 points

Aroma: Now this part is slightly difficult only in that there is a wafting of french fries and ketchup in the background. But what can be detected is attributed to dark chocolate, roasted coffee, slight bit of vanilla, and overwhelming urge to consume an Oreo Cookie n' Cream Ice Cream scoop, 18 points.

Taste: what can one say about a barrel aged beauty such as this one before me, only that the complexities of oak, coffee, brown sugar, some biscuit and roastedness is prevalent through out and well deserved, 18 points.

Carbonation: medium to heavy (slight stickyness) 18

Conclusion, this wonderful kick ass beer is a beauty and rare treat to be sure and well worth the trip down to Collin's. 90 points out of a possible 100


Not sure what I am going to happen next but for now, no worries and no regrets.



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