"Never look a gift horse in the mouth"

Its a saying that appears all the time in discussion when someone is trying to remind the other of receipt prior to gratuity.

Recently, several publications in collaboration with the Boston Beer Company, aka Samuel Adams Brewery, submitted its subscribers a free gift in the form of glassware. That said , was none other than Boston Beer's latest offering to promote the Sam Adams line of lagers.

Unfortunately as my research has proven, those subscribers were never contacted regarding their address and name being posted to Sam for approval and shipment of glassware. Furthermore, those that were disqualified / qualified were never notified as well that pending glassware was in their future. Lastly, to my dismay and several others, the publications after sending the information off to the brewery, have washed their hands of whether or not we qualified for the gift. Most notable is the lack of advertising that has gone into this promotion and frankly I don't blame them. Current membership of Beer Advocate Magazine "Founding Subscribers" is 5,500. So you do the math 9.99 x 5,500 = $54,945 and that's assuming they pass muster for both being 21, not in TX or CA, and their order has been processed.

So, lets discuss something interesting, regarding the matter. If you as someone who is "supposed" to get a free gift doesn't know, is it still a gift or is it nothing at all? Additionally if you don't qualify for a free gift because of legal matters, is it still a gift or is it nothing at all? So with all this stewing around in the noggin and such, all I can do it sit around, count the days on the calendar and maybe just maybe I will see that "gift horse".

For more information regarding the matter you can contact the below magazines and organizations. Note, you only qualify if you met the criteria required by the organization.

  • All About Beer Magazine (requires previous active subscription, prior to June of 2007)
  • Beer Advocate Magazine (requires Founding Member status only 5,500 qualify)
  • Zymurgy Magazine (requires prior membership to the American Homebrewer's Association before June of 2007)
    Gary Glass @ 1 (888) U-CAN-BREW
  • Samuel Adams Brewery (Boston Beer Company)
    1 (800) 372-1131 c/o Pint Glass Promotion for Beer Magazine subscribers.


UPDATE: I received my glassware a few weeks ago, in the mail and addressed as a thanks for supporting the AHA.

As always, it goes without saying, this is a personal expression and any comments posted should be relevant to the subject being discussed. Any attempts for solicitation that do not fit within in the criteria of the topic will be result in report to the webmasters and possibly the company in question for legal action.

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