Beer Passport Diary - Flyers in Oak Harbor, WA

I thought I would make an attempt to do something a little different and share my thoughts on some of the breweries I have visited in the past year. Feel freel to post your comments on what you thought or if you are planning on going there.

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Flyers Restaurant & Brewery
32295 State Route 20
Oak Harbor, WA
(360) 675-5858

Visit took place March 24th, 2007, at approximately 16:30 (4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time)

Initial Impression. From the parking lot (additional parking is located in the back of the building) the entrance is to the right side of the building face closest to the street. Walking in an accommodating waiting area is present with immediate access to restrooms for both men and women. Initial view from the waiting area into the restaurant reminded me of a old style truck stop diner. Featured to the left is a bar with around 20 spots at the bar and an additional 8 spots at a separate bar area. Overall impression of the seating for the restaurant is around 50 or so with additional seating in the back for larger parties.

Starters or Appetizers consumed. Happy hour pricing was in effect as I sat down, so I took advantage of the 1 dollar raw oyster shooters in cocktail sauce, coconut prawns with what tasted like a sweet honey citrus dip, and calamari lightly breaded.

Beers sampled or consumed. I took the opportunity while I was there to review the menu of local craft beers that were made by brewer and co-owner Tony Savoy. Of those I was able to sample in 3 ounce shot glasses; Flyers Blond Ale, Flyers Afterburner India Pale Ale, Flyers First Flight Amber Ale, Flyers Barnstormer Brown Ale, & Flyers Pacemaker Porter. Of those I settled on the Afterburner IPA, for its citrus notes along with is nice hop finish.

Entrée or Sandwich consumed. Reviewing the menu I spotted a turkey wrap that sounded promising, in its spinach tortilla wrap. Upon its arrival I noticed the cheese, avocados, and the zesty sauce along with the expected turkey & lettuce. I felt that the wrap for the price that was listed was worth the value. Additional options with the sandwich included choice salad, sweet potato fries, or waffle fries.

Dessert was not selected as the main objective for my initial trip was to meet up with Tony and review the beers on tap.

Overall impression, I would have to say that despite the average price for a lunch visit, that Flyers has a tremendous potential in becoming a bonafide destination for beer lovers, despite the lack of breweries in the near surrounding area.

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