Reasons to be weary ... at least 10% of the time

Saturday, brought 60 degree weather, partially cloudy skies and it also introduced me to the beginning of my day at "The Collins Pub" for the Strong Ale Fest.

The available beers on tap include such greats as Stone Double Bastard (2006), Avery "Czar" Imperial Stout, and Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws (2003). Among some of the rarities were, Far West Brewing Imperial "IMP" Rye Wine (2003), as well as Boundary Bay's Bounder (2003).

Overall, I was impressed that the servings were 12 ounce schooners (balloon glasses), and you could acquire 3 samplers for 5 dollars. The only disappointment came with the service initially. Apparently a group of around 29 showed up, unannounced. Combine this with the fact the only person at work at around 1 PM was the bartender (who was doubling up as a waitress and bus girl) and you have a recipe for less than happy conditions. She did make things up to my wife and I by offering to "buy" our first drink which was welcome. I wasn't expecting much given the busy nature of the hour.

Summary, consumption checklist during my visit.

Far West Imperial Rye Wine (2003)
Water Street Old Wookie Barleywine (2005)
Stone Imperial Russian Stout (2005)
Rogue Charlie 1981 (2007)

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