Does your beer really taste like it should?

Over the holiday I visited a bar that in my years prior to moving to Seattle, was a source of killing time, and above all consuming a good beer. However, in the early days, I consumed beers like, Redhook ESB, Guinness Stout, or Henry Weinhardt's Private Reserve. What was missing though, was understanding of what I was drinking.

Conscider this, if you eat your mother's apple pie and you grow up with "mom's apple pie", you will always assume that this is the best you will have. Then someone tells you that the orignal, first, ever recipe, has more ingredients than your mom's, what then? Do you take their word or the word of good old mom?

So I sit at my favorite bar as a young guy, now more experienced, more aware and you guessed it, mom's apple pie tastes funny. The more I tried to understand why, the more I had to lean on experience, bad lines? More than likely, this is the case ... "
Foamy draft beer can be caused by the build up of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stones within a beer line. Un-clean beer lines lower the quality and taste of beer. It is important to regularly clean beer lines, faucets, and keg couplers to ensure the dispense of high quality beer."

Keep this in mind when your sampling or enjoying your first beer, it might not be as fresh, or as pure, then again, you might one of the lucky ones and have a dedicated, clean, line.


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