Up for Discussion, Summer vs. Spring - "Lawnmower" beers

As I sit staring out at the window, watching the light blues, and cotton candy, clouds etch their way across the sky, I think back on my childhood. Filled with a well of memories, I am reminded of my paper route when I was living in my small town. I am reminded of the constant yard work, either at my parent's yard, or mowing the lawn at the neighbors. Hence the subject of mine, lawnmower beers and more importantly, low alcohol ales.

By definition a lawmower beer is ... "An ale version of the American lager style. Produced by ale brewers to compete with lager brewers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Originally known as sparkling or present use ales, lager strains were (and sometimes still are) used by some brewers, but were not historically mixed with ale strains. Many examples are krausened to achieve carbonation. Cold conditioning isn't traditional, although modern brewers sometimes use it."
-source, BJCP Guidelines (http://www.bjcp.org/styles04/Category6.html)

Currently, I drink Full Sail Session (%5.1 Alcohol by Volume), this is by no means a "light" beer but consideringg the average alcoholic content of a Budweiser 5.0%, and a Bud Light is 4.20%, this is a nice alternative to supporting big brother. The term is near to the same as session, which in lamens means a brew that you can drink alot of over the course of several hours and not go home, wondering how you got there in the first place. On a related note, Guinness Irish Stout is a pretty low alcohol beer, look it up sometime if your ever curious.

So what is your fave's, mind you this is during the spring / summer months, and anything dark doesn't count, save that one for another discussion.

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