It began with Fred, a beer that I never identified with, a beer I only knew as named after an old man who wrote alot about beer and lived in Portland, Oregon. But I speak terrible, of a man that I greatly respect, a man whom I have never met, instead let me describe a beer that I tried recently ... Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood.

Here is a copy of my review that I have recently posted on some more well known websites ...

"Batch 64 (12oz) in an Authentic German style Luettich Balloon glass -

Peering into this burnt amber brew, I am lost in the opaqueness that exists within. As I pour the contents of the bottle into my clear glass, I am awed, but the aromas of peat, smoke stained oak, while a slight hop, "pineyness" lingers.

Allowing the head of this glorious, well aged beer, I notice how the foam slides down the side creating creases of lace before disappearing beneath the surface.

The first sip allows initial hopped goodness, while a smoked peat and oak seems to roam freely across my taste buds, and blankets me in spiciness as it slides down my throat.

A beer that demands to be aged for sure, I look forward to cracking another open in a few years."

So what is your thoughts on this beer, or more to the point the more common Hair of the Dog Fred.


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