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Summer Brewfest along the Boardwalk

  • Boardwalk in Bremerton 243 2nd Street Bremerton, WA, 98337 United States (map)

Press Release

The Washington Beer Commission is proud to announce the amazing beer list for the 7th annual Bremerton Summer BrewFest, Saturday, July 20 - 21, on the Boardwalk in downtown Bremerton. The event will feature 36 Washington Breweries pouring more than 120 creative, summer style brews, a wide variety of fruit-infused ales, and some very popular flagship beers.

Join us on Friday, July 20th, from 4pm - 9pm or Saturday, July 21st, from noon - 6:30pm.

Bremerton Summer BrewFest tickets and complete event information available now at Tickets are just $20 in advance or $25 at the door. The event will take place at the scenic waterfront location and will also feature live music and great food, all within 5-minute walking distance from the Bremerton/Seattle Ferry Terminal.

This annual craft beer festival is presented by the Washington Beer Commission and is a terrific opportunity for beer lovers to sample some of the delicious craft beer creations from some of the state's finest brewers. Here is a list or the Washington Breweries and their unique offerings for this tasty event:

2018 Bremerton Summer BrewFest - Beer List



192 Brewing-Kenmore

1) Shticky Blonde Ale (6.75% ABV)

Kolsch style Pilsen inspired ale with addition of wild honey.

2) Happy Dance Hef (5.5% ABV)

A bright, citrus, and flavorful American Wheat beer.

3) Jam Session TIPA

Blueberry jam infused tripple IPA.

4) Shed Light (3.5% ABV)

A NW craft twist on an American standard light styled ale.

7 Seas Brewing-Tacoma

1) Rude Parrot Single IPA (5.9% ABV/ 75 IBU)

Loud, sassy, and relentless, the Rude Parrot has an insatiable appetite for hops! Brewed with

Vienna, light Crystal, and a touch of Honey malt, this golden hued IPA is aggressively hopped

with Simcoe and Citra hops. A big juicy, tropical fruit, citrusy hop aroma yields way to an off

dry, pleasantly bitter finish.

2) 7 Seas Pilsner (5.2% ABV/ 32 IBU)

This NW Pilsner pays homage to those local brewers who came long before us, a shout-out to

our home, the 253. Our NW spin on a classic pilsner-style lager. Brewed with NW Pale and

Pilsner malt, hopped with Sterling and Cascade, this brew is 100% Washington. An extremely

refreshing, dry, and crisp authentic Pilsner with that classic mineral, cracker like finish.

Executed with precision, patience, and care, yielding a truly premium Pilsner.

3) Cranberry Water Chopper Gose (4.8% ABV/ 7 IBU)

Brewed with 35% malted white wheat and German Pilsner malt, 7 Seas Gose is dry,

moderately sour, and extremely refreshing. Fermented with Lactobacillus (contributing a

tartness) in conjunction with our house ale strain, we’ve also added San Juan Island sea salt,

and a pinch of coriander as the Gose-style dictates. This batch was brewed specifically for the

Bremerton Summer Beer Fest and was conditioned with cranberries to add to the refreshing

edge of this sour and salty quencher.

Bad Bulldogs Brewery-Bremerton

1) Squishy Face Citra IPA (6.5% ABV/ 68 IBU)

Citra IPA brewed in Bremerton and named after the squishy faces of our French Bulldogs.

2) Chili Ale (6% ABV/ 22 IBU)

Cream Ale with 5 chilis. Oddly delicious, like a pepper garden in your mouth!

3) West Coast IPA (6.2% ABV/ 58 IBU)

True to the Northwest, this IPA is quite the crowd pleaser.

4) Imperial Stout (7.6% ABV/ 62 IBU)

Dark and delicious with a clean finish.


Bainbridge Brewing–Bainbridge Island

1) Windfall Grapefruit IPA (6% ABV/ 60 IBU)

Award winning Windfall Grapefruit IPA has six different hops (Cascade, Centennial, Crystal,

Mosaic, Azacca and Apollo) paired with delicious pink grapefruit oil, resulting in a delightfully

refreshing and citrusy IPA. Perfect for a hot Bremerton Beerfest! It was awarded the WA Beer

Awards 2016 Silver and 2017 Bronze.

2) Eh Tu, Bainbridge? (6.3% ABV/ 75 IBU)

Experimental Sandbox Series #8 is our version of an emerging beer style: Brut IPA. The idea

behind this beer is to make it as dry as possible like a “Hop Champagne,” allowing the hops to

take center-stage in a super light colored, crazy dry but not overly bitter beer. The mash

consisted of pilsner malt, corn and rye. Amarillo hops give their classic grapefruit character,

with tropical and blackberry notes coming from the Mosaic. Experimental hops HBC 342 gives

a rounded pleasant light citrus, tropical, and melon character. It's a very unique, scary

delicious, weirdo thing...


3) Kömmuter Kölsch (5% ABV/ 20 IBU)

Brewed in honor of the rain-huddled masses whose daily commute revolves around the WA

State Ferries, our award-winning Kommuter Kolsch is a light malty German-style ale brewed

like a lager with a bright clean taste. It’s a 2018 Gold Medal winner at the WA Brewers’

Choice Awards, and it won Sip Northwest awards in 2016 and 2017.

Brothers Cascadia Brewing-Vancouver

1) You Like 'A Da Juice - NE Style IPA (6.5% ABV)

You Like 'A Da Juice' is our rendition of a New England style IPA. Cloudy, lush, and extremely

refreshing, it starts off with a massive punch of juicy, citrusy hops. Bold aromas of orange,

tangerine, and tropical stone fruits envelope the senses, leading into a soft palate that is

fruity and balanced. Very low bitterness keeps this beer extremely sessionable, allowing all of

its other bold characteristics to stand out.

2) The People's Pilsner (5.5% ABV)

Traditional Czech style pilsner. This beer has a delightful fresh baked bread aroma

intermingled with gentle noble hop character. The beautiful floor malted barely we used

gives this beer awesome flavor while keeping it extremely easy to drink.

Cash Brewing Company-Silverdale

1) Top Spin Double IPA (9.1% ABV/ 90 IBU)

Topspin Double IPA balances rich malt flavor with Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade Hops,

delivering notes of tropical fruit, floral and grapefruit. You will find no alcohol bite here, just a

smooth and drinkable Double IPA.

2) 9 Ball Citra Pale Ale (6.1% ABV/ 66 IBU)

A refreshing Citra Pale Ale balanced with rich 6-row malt and citra hops. A delicious

summertime favorite.

3) Board Track Belgian Dubbel (8.7 ABV/ 20 IBU)

Dubbel is a beer-style as classic as the idea of combining malt with hops, this tasty beer has

been brewed in Belgian monasteries for 1000 years. “Dubbel” or double in Flemish refers

to these beers high, or doubled, alcohol content. The high alcohol content is balanced with a

rich toffee-sweetness and finishes with the customary Belgian flavor profile of fresh banana

and cloves. Grab a Dubbel Header and taste some delicious beer history!

4) Colors Up Hefeweizen (5.4 ABV/ 11 IBU)

A refreshing American Hefeweizen. Brewed with wheat and specialty malts this beer has a

light, yet slightly malty flavor, with a hint of orange. The aroma is a spicy blend of Hallertau

hops and coriander. Enjoy anytime of year!

Chainline Brewing Company-Kirkland

1) Tune Up IPA (6.3% ABV)

A Vermont inspired IPA with hazy golden appearance and more hop flavor than you thought

possible. Citrus and Melon dominate this surprising smooth and easy drinking beer.

2) Polaris Pilsner (5.1% ABV)

A Fresh taste from an old standard. Polaris hops provide a unique, mint-like flavor while still

maintaining their Noble lineage. Bohemian malts and yeast provide the body you would

expect from this style Pilsner, while finishing a bit sweeter than its Teutonic counterpart.

2016 GABF Silver medalist

3) Frenetic Belgian IPA (8% ABV/ 73 IBU)

New hops out of South Africa, Southern Passion and African Queen, excite us to no end. Our

minds raced with the thoughts of passionfruit, dankness, currants, and berry flavors and

aromas we'd experience. Pairing these hops with a slightly spicy Belgian yeast and a malt bill

consisting of Pale/Vienna/Biscuit/Special B, Frenetic is an IPA that'll make you go manic as


Der Blokken Brewery-Bremerton

1) Praetorian Pale

2) The Black Porter

3) Hop Magnum

Dirty Bucket Brewing Co.-Woodinville

1) Hefen' Pineapple (5.5% ABV)

A not so traditional German Hefeweizen. We have taken this traditional German favorite and

got rid of its purity. Made with fresh pineapple puree.

2) Raspberry Lambic (5.5% ABV)

Paxton isnt the only one who has a wild pitch. A wild yeast and trifecta bacteria approach.

Made with Fresh Raspberry puree a summertime favorite.

Randall through a fresh raspberries.

3) Not Yo' Honey (5% ABV)

This cream ale in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society is the perfect summer beer.

Whether you're floating down the river or on the boat. Made with locally sourced honey.

4) Fricken Dahty (6.4% ABV/ 44 IBU)

Our latest hazy IPA. The Fricken Dahty is New England style down to its name. A big juicy

made with three of Yakima's favorite hops. Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra

Dog Days Brewing-Bremerton

1) The Hefe Went Down to Georgia

Peach Hefeweizen

2) Razzle Dazzle

2018 Strangebrew Ale. Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher Ale. And yes it is very BLUE.

3) FRIDAY ONLY - “The Dude” Coffee Cream Ale

With essence of vodka, inspired by the 20 yr anniversary of the release of The Big

Lebowski. The Dude abides!

4) SATURDAY ONLY - Bone Jour

Cucumber Saison


Downpour Brewing-Kingston

1) Eros Raspberry Sour (5% ABV)

2) El Dorado IPA (5.7% ABV)

3) Patty Cassaday's Irish Red (5.9% ABV)

4) Party on the Top Floor IIIPA ( 9.9% ABV)


Elysian Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Dayglow IPA (7.4% ABV/ 65 IBU)

A touch of wheat hazes the malt bill, softening this bright and crisp IPA. Dayglow is packed

with juicy hops featuring pineapple and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

2) Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale (6.4 ABV/ 45 IBU)

Is a mind-bending whirl of the aromas and flavors of blood orange and Northwest hops.

Orange Peel added to the whirlpool, and Blood Orange in the fermenter.

Fremont Brewing-Seattle

1) Summer Pale Ale (5.2% ABV/ 45 IBU)

Summer Ale is tangerine flower in a glass—endless days distilled into the sweet nectar of

barley and hops.

2) Lush India Pale Ale (7% ABV/ 80 IBU)

We bring this tropical treat to you as a gift from the Pacific Northwest. Lush is brewed with a

hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and

guava…Because Beer Matters!

3) Brother Imperial IPA (8.55 ABV/ 1 Billion IBU)

This Brother is appropriately big, intimidating, and unbalanced with unrestrained quantities

of hops for a head slap of beery ferociousness.

4) Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout (8.0% ABV/ 50 IBU)

Dark Star is a dark, mysterious yet silky oatmeal stout of grand proportions balanced by a

firm hop handshake...go ahead, enjoy the journey...Because Beer Journeys Matter!

5) Interurban Pina Colada Infused India Pale Ale (6.2% ABV/ 80 IBU)

Interurban India Pale Ale artfully infused with coconut and pineapple.

6) Citrus Summer Pale Ale (5.2% ABV/ 45 IBU)

Summer Ale artfully infused with blood orange and lime.

7) Brett Hazy IPA (7.0% ABV/ 60 IBU)

8) Thunder Kitty Hazy IPA (6.5% ABV/ 45 IBU)

Hazy IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe Cryo hops, Sorachi Ace and Citra.

9) Fruited Sour Weisse (4.0% ABV/ 10 IBU)

Fruited Sour Weisse. Tart and refreshing.

10) Barrel Aged Beer Rotator


Ghostfish Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Grapefruit IPA (5.5% ABV/ 85 IBU)

Powerfully bitter yet exceptionally complex, this citrus bomb is built around experimental

hop code-named "Experimental Grapefruit" and balanced with Cascade and Horizon hops.

2) Millennium IPA (8.5% ABV/ 75 IBU)

A West Coast Imperial IPA with a subtle red hue, slight malt sweetness and lingering hop

finish. Premium 2-Row Barley is the backbone, with Rye and White Wheat Malt, Sacchra 50,

and Crystal 75 rounding out the grain bill. A large initial dosing of Millennium Hops and two

Centennial Hop additions make this an easy drinking Imperial Ale.

3) Spring Thaw Amber Ale (8.3% ABV/ 40 IBU)

This American Amber is made to welcome in spring. Sweet Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cloves,

All Spice, and Honey are added during the primary fermentation and again just before

kegging. Only available seasonally.

Harmon Brewing Co.-Tacoma

1) Harmon Flanders Red (5.8% ABV/ 18 IBU)

Aged for over two years in white wine oak aged barrels, gives this sour ale the perfect

combination of a tart beer with strong wine characteristics. With a strong wine aroma, the

intense mouthfeel on this make it a welcome surprise to your palate. We then infused this

beer with cherries to give it a sweeter balance

2) Orange Creamsicle Pale Ale (4.4% ABV/ 20 IBU)

We use special German malted barley to round out the grain bill in this clean and crisp pale

ale. Palisade and Cascade hops provide a balanced finish. Whole Madagascar vanilla beans

and orange are blended together, creating a wonderful creamsicle treat.

3) Harmon Hazy IPA (6% ABV/ 55 IBU)

Juicy, hazy, and hoppy. We used “new” school methods that give this beer a smooth mouth

feel. Hops were generously added to this beer to give it a hop forward taste, while keeping

the bitterness down. By hopping during fermentation, it gives the hops a smooth

mouthfeel. Hazy yeast was then added to highlight the fruity and juicy notes.

4) Harmon Bavarian Hefeweizen (5.2% ABV/ 18 IBU)

This classic Bavarian style Hefeweizen is brewed with German wheat, pilsner, and Munich

malts. A special Bavarian yeast brings it all together. Giving this beer notes of banana, fresh

ground wheat and cloves that come through on the nose and coat the palate. We’ve even

been told there are hints of bubblegum on this great beer.


Hood Canal Brewery-Kingston

1) Mt. Walker Wheat Ale (7.8% ABV)

Try our refreshing summer seasonal! A session ale with citrus hop aroma and wheat flavor

that linger on the tongue

2) Hoods Head Smoked Amber (5.5% ABV)

Everything you’d expect from an Amber Ale…medium bodied, smooth & deftly balancedwith

a twist; malted barley smoked with apple wood and alder. The result: nuanced smoky

goodness, perfect for sipping.

3) Termination Point Imperial IPA (7.8% ABV/ 90 IBU)

A showcase for hops..four NW hops are added at five stages of production for a full bodied

brew. A strong profile of deeply caramelized malt provides a strong foundation where the

hops take center stage. Enjoyable to a wide host of tastes.

4) Big Beef Oatmeal Stout (5% ABV)

Roasted barley & rolled oats make for a unique mouth feel with a dry finish & wonderful

flavor. Hallertau hops provide this creamy-headed ale with a fine balance.

Icicle Brewing–Leavenworth

1) Dark Persuasion German Chocolate Cake Ale (6.5% ABV/ 22 IBU)

2) Kickstand Citra Hop Pale Ale (4.8% ABV/ 50 IBU)

3) Bootjack IPA (6.5% ABV/ 64 IBU)

4) FRIDAY ONLY - Tres Hombres Amber Mexican Lager (5.0% ABV/ 18 IBU)

5) SATURDAY ONLY- Dirtyface Amber (5.0% ABV/ 21 IBU)


Illuminati Brewing Company-Bellingham

1) THRASHER (5.1% ABV/ 12 IBU)


2) LONE GUNMAN (6.4% ABV/ 72 IBU)

SINGLE HOP IPA (feat. Mandarina Bavaria)

3) STORMBORN (8.1% ABV/ 19 IBU)



Jellyfish Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Smack IPA (7% ABV/ 70 IBU)

Smack is the term for a group of jellyfish. This IPA is very balanced with flavors of peaches,

pine and bright citrus.

2) Sour Suzie

Kettle sour with fruit additions (not sure on the fruit yet, current kettle sour is Strawberries

and Rose Hips)

3) Hydra Pils (5.3% ABV/ 46 IBU)

Hydra is a classic pilsner with a bright, crisp finish.


Kulshan Brewing Co.–Bellingham

1) Premium Lager (5% ABV)

Kulshan’s rendition of this classic American Style, Premium Lager is delicate, refreshing, and

highly crushable. Brewed with U.S. Malted Barley, German Pilsner malt, and Yakima Valley

Hops of the highest quality, this beer is neither overwhelming nor lacking in flavor; it is just


2) Greenwood Summer Ale (5% ABV)

A refreshing Northwest Summer Ale with notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

3) Red Cap Ale (4.9% ABV)

Red Cap is a beer that gets along with just about everyone. Easy to drink yet full of flavor, it

showcases Munich Malt, Crystal Malt and Roasted Barley living in harmony with Willamette

and Golding hops. Medium in body and creamy on the pallet, it lingers pleasantly and has a

malty sweet finish.

LoveCraft Brewing Company-Bremerton

1) Ladies Series IPA

2) Olde Kitsap Saison (6.5 ABV)

Olde Kitsap is a pale Belgian beer, with very subtle hop notes. The natural esters of this style

bring aromas of orange zest and coriander, even though there are no spices added.

3) Lime IPA Randall


Mac and Jack's Brewery-Redmond

1) Sum' Shine Pale Ale

A Yummy Pale Ale

2) Resolution IPA

A Yummy India Pale Ale

3) Experimental Series IPA

A Yummy Experimental India Pale Ale


No-Li Brewhouse-Seattle

1) Big Juicy IPA (6.1% ABV/ 55 IBU)

Bright citrus and tropical fruit hop aromas lead the way. A light malt foundation provides a

platform for Citra, El Dorado, Belma and Azacca tropical and citrus flavors to shine. Mellow

bitterness just balances the fruity notes in this hop forward, golden-colored IPA.

2) Born & Raised IPA (5% ABV/ 40 IBU)

Bright & vibrant beer for summertime celebrations! This Zwicklerbier, an uncommon style, is

an unfiltered lager that balances crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive, spicy

Sterling hop character.

3) Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout (9.5% ABV/ 100 IBU)

We pulled out all the stops on this big Imperial Stout. Five types of dark, roasted malt are

added to this beer to give it a complex flavor of coffee, chocolate and brown sugar. That

much maltiness requires plenty of hops for balance. Two large hop additions prevent the

dark malt from totally dominating this monster of a beer.

4) Red, White & No-Li Pale Ale (6.1% ABV/ 39 IBU)

A dry-hopped pale ale with bright citrus and melon notes, Red White & No-Li was originally

born out of the Red, White & No-Li Small Batch Festival that recognized and celebrated the

men & women of FairChild Air Force Base that serve and protect. It recognizes a culture that

gives and protects.

Rainy Daze Brewing–Silverdale

1) Evil One Double IPA (9.1% ABV/ 40 IBU)

Big tropical fruit notes from the copious amounts of Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe Cryo


2) Disturbing The Peace Hazy IPA (6.7% ABV/ 35 IBU)

Loads of Bravo, Pacifica, Citra and Mosaic Hop's bring a juicy experience of Orange and

Tropical Fruits.

3) Mind Funk Pale Stout (6.5% ABV/ 20 IBU)

It's Time to Funk up your Mind! An Oatmeal Pale with the addition of Cold Brewed Coffee. So

take a look, get a whiff, then take a taste.

4) Blonde (4.5% ABV/ 15 IBU)

This Blonde is light, crisp and refreshing! Just what you need on a hot Summer Day!

5) Peel Out IPA (7.5% ABV/ 70 IBU)

Combine Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic Hop's. Then add Grapefruit and Orange

peel! Big Fruity and Citrus notes make this a great Summer IPA!

Silver City Brewery–Bremerton

1) Ridgetop Red Ale (6% ABV)

2) Tropic Haze India Pale Ale (6.4% ABV/ 50 IBU)

A seemingly magical reaction between a specialized yeast strain, oats, wheat, and an

experimental hop variety results in a blossom of rich, tropical fruit flavor that is a feast for

the eyes, with a silky-smooth texture and clean finish.

3) Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager (5% ABV/ 40 IBU)

Bright & vibrant beer for summertime celebrations! This Zwicklerbier, an uncommon style, is

an unfiltered lager that balances crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive, spicy

Sterling hop character.

4) Sun Glitter Peach IPA (6.5% ABV/ 60 IBU)

Gleaning its name from the radiant visual of sunlight reflected from Pacific Ocean waves at

sunset, Sun Glitter is our celebration of the Puget Sound summertime experience. A fusion of

mouth-watering peach flavor with a dense, hazy malt profile, this unique IPA also

incorporates lactose sugar, yielding a deliciously creamy and vanilla-like sweetness.

5) Magnificent Bastard Scotch Ale (9.2% ABV)

6) Ripe 'N Juicy Double IPA (8% ABV/ 75 IBU)

Like cutting into a fresh cantaloupe... if it were filled with a metric sh*t-ton of ripe, fragrant

hops soaked in pineapple juice. Ripe ‘N Juicy gains its signature dense, hazy body from the

reaction of a specialized yeast strain with a hearty dose of flaked wheat. A massive canvas for

a brilliantly fruity hop experience.

Rotating Taps – Please visit our booth for Tapping Times

1.) 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Time Twister Imperial Stout (9.9% ABV)

2.) 2017 Chardonnay Barrel Aged Luminous Libation Belgian Style Tripel (9.9% ABV)

3.) 2018 Foxy Lady Flanders Sour on Cherries (6.4% ABV)

4.) 2010 Old Scrooge Christmas Ale (8.5% ABV)

5.) 2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Scrooge Christmas (9.9% ABV)

6.) 2018 Bourbon Barrel Aged Magnificent Bastard Scotch Ale (9.9% ABV)

7.) 2018 Charming Disarmer Peach Sour (6.5% ABV)

8.) 2018 Wiley Temptress (6.4% ABV)

Innovation Beer - Barrel Fermented Imperial Cream Ale (8.8% ABV)

Innovation Beer - Cognac Puncheon Fermented Hoppy Amber Biere (7% ABV)

Innovation Beer - Mango Gose Bier (4.5% ABV)

Innovation Beer – Brut IPA (6.4% ABV)

Slaughter County Brewing–Port Orchard

1) Gorst Light (4% ABV)

Bohemian Pilsner style. Very refreshing, light, and not overly sweet.

2) Hoptopod IPA (7% ABV)

Our Northwest style IPA. Very aromatic and hop forward. Citrus

flavors and not dank.

3) Captain Howdy (6.8% ABV)

India Red. Dark red, rich, with a nicely balanced combination of hoppiness and bitterness.


Slippery Pig Brewery–Poulsbo

1) Brockstar 550 Premium Malt Liquor (11% ABV)

Poulsbo’s smoothest malt liquor. Rock out with your Brock out!

2) Hogsbreath Honey Wheat (10.5% ABV)

Loads of honey and lemon verbena make this wheat wine a favorite, especially our staff!

3) Full Moon Fever IPA (7.8% ABV)

An out of character beer for the Pig, this IPA is both hop bursted and dry hopped with

Cascade, Simcoe, and Citra hops.


Sound Brewery–Poulsbo

1) Motueka Lager

2) Soundburst

3) Monk's Indiscretion

4) Dubbel Entendre


Sumerian Brewing Co.–Woodinville

1) Sumerian Lager (5% ABV/ 17 IBU)

This Vienna Style Lager has an elegant malt profile while being clean and crisp. Perfect for a

hot summer day!

2) Hopruption Double IPA (8% ABV/ 95 IBU)

Hop loaded from start to finish with a base of Cascade and Centennial. Double dry hopped

with Mosaic and Citra. This beer has a rich mouthfeel and clean balance.

Ten Pin Brewing–Moses Lake

1) Groove Pineapple Wheat (5.8% ABV/ 25 IBU)

This ale is the result of our collaboration with the Moses Lake band, Dimestore Prophets. The

beer takes the easy drinking smoothness of an American wheat ale, adds just enough Mosaic

hops to brighten it up with tropical fruit aromas, and takes it home with a fresh pineapple

squeezed into every case.

2) Gutterball Hazy Pale (5.5% ABV/ 35 IBU)

We threw a lot of gutterballs to get this perfect strike of a Pale Ale. Juicy, smooth and hazy

with a hoppy floral bouquet. Citra and Ekuanot hops give flavors or starfruit and lemon zest.

3) Head Pin IPA (7.1% ABV/ 62 IBU)

This gold medal winning American IPA is a strong, pleasantly bitter ale showcasing the

mango and earthy pine flavors of Mosaic hops blended with the citrus and dense fruit flavors

of Centennial and Citra hops.

Two Beers Brewing Company–Seattle

1) The Other Coast IPA (6.5% ABV)


2) Lima Loca (3.8% ABV)

A craft Mexican-style lager infused with bright refreshing lime.

3) Evo #2 Pineapple IPA (6.2% ABV)

An IPA with tropical aromas and a slightly sweet but hoppy bite.

Valholl Brewing Company–Poulsbo

1) Summer Warrior (4.6% ABV)

Our seasonal summer ale , light crisp with a sweet finish.

2) Valkyrie Red (6.5% ABV)

Flagship amber ale.

3) Mango/Orange Brewbitch IPA (6.2% ABV)

Our flagship IPA infused with mango/oranges for a tropical kick.

Western Red Brewing–Poulsbo

1) Single Buck IPA (6% ABV/ 76 IBU)

A tropical forward India Pale Ale with a strong citrus peel note and a firm bitter finish.

2) Tail Hold Pale (5.5% ABV)

This pale shouts CITRUS goddess with its citrus notes acquired from the hops. From the

aroma to the finish you'll love the citrus ride you are about to embark on.

3) Hoot Owlin' Hefe (4% ABV)

This Hefe shouts SUMMER TIME and will leave you dreaming of sunshine and backyard

shenanigans. It is an American Wheat Ale that you're sure to fall in love with.


Wet Coast Brewing Co.–Gig Harbor

1) Mutual Haze Smoothie IPA (7.6% ABV/ 55 IBU)

Brewed with Guava and Lactose. A collaboration with Top Rung Brewing.

2) Cream Ale (5.0% ABV/ 28 IBU)

Light, Crisp and Refreshing. Brewed with Willamette and Golding Hops.